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Heiser Oliven

 Heiser`s Oliven

Our Olives

The European olive (Olea europaea L) is a mayor source of edible oil and processed edible olives. A rough estimate of the global number of olive trees is over 800 million, where we in Namibia have not more than twenty thousand!

The first 700 olive trees were brought to Namibia in 1991 by Rolf Heiser and were growing successfully on the farm Hartebeestteich-Süd near Hochfeld. Today there are more than 6000 olive trees an twenty hectares. All table olives are hand-picked fresh from the trees during January till May.

For table olives, slow fermentation tales place over a period of seven months before packed in light brine in uniquely freestanding cultivars. The oil produced in this manner maintains the original characteristics of the fruit and delicate fruity flavour. Free acidity below 0.8% gives as the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and pressed by our mill it is cold pressed!

With 300 days the sun is shining in Namibia, it is our passion to make the finest olive oil in the world.